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Jesus Metropolitan
Community Church
2950 East 55th Place
Indianapolis, Indiana 46220

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You will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.

Our Mission and Beliefs

Five Guiding Principles

At Jesus MCC, we believe:

  1. The Bible is a living book that invites us into active dialogue with God in our daily lives -- not some dusty ol' book of rules frozen in time.
  2. Church should be a place where you can be real -- no pretending.
  3. Church should be a place that welcomes our questions and encourages independent thought.
  4. Following Jesus is more about spiritual values than spiritual rules.
  5. Following Jesus is not just a part of life; it is a way of life!

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Our Vision and Mission
At Jesus MCC, our Vision is to become one of the world's foremost Emerging Churches, then share that model of ministry with others, ultimately affecting the course of the global Christian movement.

Although there is no one fixed definition of an "Emerging Church," we define it as a church that operates in accordance with the Guiding Principles listed above.

Congregations who self-identify as Emerging Churches are generally motivated by a deep desire to move beyond the conservative/liberal divide that has come to characterize modern Christianity and get back to focusing on the basics of following Jesus, as presented in the Holy Gospels. Emerging Churches encourage honest questions and allow room for freedom of thought and conscience.

At Jesus MCC, our Mission is defined by three areas of emphasis:

  1. Making Disciples. This means: (a) bringing people to faith in Jesus Christ; and then (b) equipping them to follow him consistently and effectively in daily life.  Jesus commands this.  Matthew 28:19.

    We want to build a Christian community that enables us to live by the motto: "What would Jesus do?" We want to cultivate faith that is action oriented.  We want to provide training and support that will root and ground people so deeply they can thrive spiritually for a lifetime.
  2. Doing Justice. Followers of Christ are called to care passionately about fairness and equity in society.  The Bible is filled with examples of people called by God to advocate justice � e.g., Moses, Esther, Gideon, Isaiah, Jeremiah, and (of course) Jesus.

    God seems to give every generation of Christians an opportunity to make earth a little more like heaven. Historical examples include slavery, child labor, voting rights for women, and the civil rights movement for African Americans. In our generation, we believe justice for gay and transgender people is a critical justice issue.
  3. Helping Those In Need. Followers of Christ are also called to care passionately about the needy.  Matthew 25:31-46.  Jesus devoted much of his time and energy to this.

    To authentically reflect the love of God as a congregation, we must reach beyond ourselves and engage a hurting world.

Our Creed
We are a Christian Church that embraces the basic doctrines of Christianity. We confess Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. We are part of a denomination called Metropolitan Community Churches.  Our denominational Statement of Faith is tied to the Apostles' and Nicene Creeds, which have served as the basic creeds of Christianity since the early days of the Church.

Beyond these basics, however, we leave it to each individual to work out the details of his or her faith in accordance with the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the Holy Scriptures.  Unlike many churches, we do not feel it is healthy or wise to try to compel each individual to believe exactly alike. We respect our congregants and treat them like adults who have both the responsibility and capacity to discern God's will.  John 16:12-15

Come as you are, whoever you are to experience a Church like no other!

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The Mission and Ministry of Jesus Metropolitan Community Church


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