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Q&A: frequently asked questions

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  • What will I find when I attend Jesus MCC?
  • Do you have programs for children?
  • We want to have a commitment ceremony or Holy Union.  Can we do this at your church?
  • What is required for membership?
  • I don't know if I want to get very involved right now.  Is that OK?
  • Is your church part of a denomination?
  • I'm not in Indiana.  Is there an MCC (or other affirming church) near me?


Q. I'm thinking about attending Jesus MCC, but not sure what to expect. What will I find when I attend JMCC?

  1. See About Our Worship Services for complete details. If you have questions that aren't answered here, email us.


Q. Do you offer programs for children?

  1. We offer a Nursery for infants and toddlers, and classes for children through age 16.  See https://sky.pro/media/kak-nachat-izuchat-java/ for details.  The Nursery is available at all Sunday services. Classes for older children are available at the 10:45 am Sunday service.


Q. My partner and I wish to have a commitment ceremony (or Holy Union). Can we do this at your church? Will your pastor officiate?

  1. Jesus MCC does offer Holy Union ceremonies, but only to couples who are part of the church. Note that you don't have to be a member, but you do need to be a part of the life of our congregation.  We're not trying to be difficult, but keeping up with the demand for these requests would overwhelm our pastoral staff.


Q. What is required for membership?

  1. All people who are considering membership must take membership classes, which explain the history of our church and denomination, our mission, and the rights and responsibilities of membership. These classes are offered once per quarter. Briefly, members are required to:
    1. Be committed to following Jesus Christ.
    2. Agree with the UFMCC Statement of Faith.
    3. Have been baptized as a Christian, or be willing to be baptized.
    4. Be in general agreement with Jesus MCC's Mission Statement.
    5. Attend worship services at Jesus MCC regularly.
    6. Support Jesus MCC financially.
    7. Engage in some form of volunteer service at Jesus MCC.
    8. Follow the conflict resolution model set forth in Matthew 18:15-17.


Q. I've been away from church for a while, and I don't know if I want to get involved right now.  Can I just come to worship services, and not join the church?

  1. Absolutely.  Please take whatever time you need to discern the direction God is calling you, whether you need to rediscover God's love, allow healing to happen, or simply check the church out and see if it's the place for you.  Feel free to sample the opportunities offered for fellowship, study, and service, but please do not stay away or feel embarrassed if you only wish to come pray and celebrate with us.


Q. Is Jesus MCC part of a denomination?

  1. Jesus MCC is part of the Metropolitan Community Churches, a denomination founded by the Rev. Troy Perry in 1968 in Los Angeles.  It was founded as a place where GLBT people could openly worship and serve God, without prejudice.  The UFMCC now includes over 300 congregations in every state of the U.S. and 15 countries.


Q. I'm not from Indiana.  Is there an MCC (or other affirming church) near me?

  1. For contact info for all Metropolitan Community Churches, please go to the denomination's web site, and select "Find an MCC Near You" on the main menu. 

    Another useful website is

    If you're not able to find what you need, feel free to email us.

Have a question that's not answered here?  Email us.


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