Eco-friendly Roofing Materials

If you want to contribute to environmental sustainability and wellness, you should make roofing decisions that are eco-conscious. This is a good way of continuing this positively-charged pastime. There are fortunately various options for having an eco-friendly roofing system. Your budget and preference determine the choice of your eco-friendly material. By seeking advice from professional roofing contractors, you will get to know more about eco-friendly roofing alternatives which fit best your needs.

Common eco-friendly roofing materials


Metals are fully recyclable and are normally reprocessed again and again for other uses. The fact that yougreenlivingleftagshdjkfglh can recycle metals reduces the need for mining more metal which may end up depleting the natural ore deposit. When you metal roof gets worn out, the metal can is still valuable and useful for a different purpose. The most common metals used for roofing are aluminum and steel.

Asphalt shingles

Asphalt in a cost-effective and popular roofing option for residential roofs. These types of roofs are not very attractive, in fact, the least attractive. They also do not last as long as their other counterparts. Asphalt, however, stands out as its components are natural which makes it an excellent eco-friendly roofing material.


Clay tile roofs are commonly known as terra cotta. These tile roofs are made from clay and water which are a hundred percent natural resources. You have to be careful however when choosing the coating since some are usually slightly toxic if they find their way into water bodies.


Just like clay tiles, concrete is from natural resources, and it decomposes naturally. It is made from stone, sand, gravel, cement and other aggregates. It is also very eco-friendly.

Wood Shakes

Wood is natural and driven from trees. This makes it one hundred percent safe for the environment and eco-friendly because it decomposes completely. Wood shakes roofing materials are usually made from cedar tree though another tress like lumber can be used. You should only take one precaution when going for wood shakes, make sure the wood is FSC certified.


greenlivingrightfsagdhjfgkhSlate is a naturally occurring element on earth which is highly durable. This material lasts long although it may be very expensive. It is one of the most attractive roofing material. It also decomposes full, and it is recyclable which makes it very environmentally friendly.

Using materials that are recyclable is an excellent eco-friendly practice. Roof systems are not left behind when it comes to this. Use these eco-friendly roofing systems to protect the environment.