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July 6th, 2007 • Category: Denomination (MCC)

This past week, our denomination, Metropolitan Community Churches, held its triennial General Conference, with delegates gathering from across the globe in Phoenix, Arizona.

General Conference has both a business component and an information-sharing component. On the business side, voting delegates from churches across the globe review the operations of our denomination and vote on important matters. On the information sharing side, General Conference provides a wonderful opportunity for MCCers to connect and share vital information via workshops, worship services, and informal networking.

Four folks from Jesus MCC attended last week’s Conference: Pastor Jeff, Curtis Boyd (our Lay Delegate), Julie Benson (our Worship Minister), and Brent Walsh. Since Pastor Jeff serves as Chair of our denomination’s Board of Administration (BOA), this past week was an especially busy week for him.

The BOA is responsible for the financial and business affairs of MCC, and has been working hard to restructure MCC’s finances. Several months ago, they completed the sale of MCC’s headquarters building in Los Angeles. The building has appreciated significantly since it was purchased about ten years ago.

Selling the building has allowed the BOA to: (a) reduce expenses (earthquake insurance alone cost $60,000 per year!); (b) eliminate virtually all debt; (c) create an emergency cash reserve; and (d) establish MCCs first-ever endowment fund, which spins off income to support ministry outreach. The BOA’s actions were enthusiastically received by delegates at General Conference. If you would like to read Pastor Jeff’s full report to General Conference, you can get it here.PDF document By sharing some of the time of our Pastor with MCC, we are helping our entire denomination move forward.

Beyond business matters, General Conference provided opportunities to share information and network. Brent Walsh attended meetings of the Trans Affinity Group and is now working on a team to help MCC congregations become more welcoming of transgender people. Our Worship Minister participated in the Conference music program and gathered innovative worship ideas. Each of the four who attended were able to talk to MCCers doing incredible work in difficult parts of the world. For example, Pastor Jeff began gathering information from a native Nigerian Pastor who has planted a brand new, successful MCC in Nigeria, one of Africa’s most homophobic nations.

In addition, the Pastor of a brand new MCC in Brazil is passing through Indianapolis after Conference to visit our Church and is here worshiping with us today! He is being hosted by Adriano Zachariadhes and Jason Trusty, who visited his congregation last year. All of this information will be shared with our new Missions Board, as we evaluate how we can do more to share the love and teachings of Jesus with the world.

At General Conference, Pastor Jeff presented two featured workshops sharing details about Jesus MCC’s Discipleship Program. Attendance at these workshops exceeded capacity! People are hungry to hear what is happening in our Church — the world’s fastest growing MCC over the past decade — and apply that information to their congregations.

General Conference is a time to remember that we are part of an incredible MCC Movement that is sharing the Gospel with people across the globe who have long been neglected by other churches. We are blessed to have such a high calling!

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