Mission Possible: Going to the Navajo Nation

August 9th, 2007 • Category: Helping Those in Need, Church News

The Missions Board has scheduled our first-ever Missions Trip! Volunteers from Jesus MCC will be traveling to the Navajo Nation in New Mexico October 20-27, 2007 to share the love of Christ through completion of service projects. Clear your calendars for this monumental event!

We are seeking people who are willing to participate in home repair projects like painting, yard clean-up, and flooring repair/installation. We also are looking for volunteers who can assist with repairs, and are also interested in providing assistance to children and adults with developmental disabilities. This may include helping with art projects, providing encouragement and on-task focus in the classroom, and assisting with daily living skills. Volunteers are needed most for the home repair assignment.

We can accommodate 14 willing individuals on this missions trip. If you’re interested in being part of this Missions Trip, pick up an application at the Information Kiosk or send an email to missions@jesusmcc.org requesting an electronic application.

Background checks and proof of medical insurance are required. Please begin to take action now and submit your application while Team Member slots are still available!

The total cost is $800 (self funded) which includes airfare, ground transportation, food, and lodging. Applications and the initial deposit of $350 is due August 19. This deadline is critical! The second payment of $250 is due by September 16, and the final $200 is due October 7.

Some facts about this trip:

Who: The Navajo are the largest group of indigenous people in the United States, numbering over 300,000. The Navajo Nation is covered in desert or dry land, which creates a barrier for farming. Most children travel long distances to attend school and the dropout rate is high. The unemployment rate is 60%, as one must typically travel off the reservation for sources of employment. Most Navajo housing units have two rooms or less — only 50% of the homes in the Navajo Nation have electricity, and only 23% have telephones.

Project Location: Our home base will be in Gallup, New Mexico. The home repair assignment will be approximately 30 minutes away from Gallup. It is the home of an elderly Navajo woman who is confined to a walker and wheel chair, and does not speak or write English. The facility for people with developmental disabilities is 45 minutes away from our lodging site.

Lodging: The Sacred Heart Retreat Center is run by the Catholic Church, and will be our home away from home. Our reserved unit has seven bedrooms with two twin beds and adjoining bath. There is a furnished kitchen, and a dining room/lodge area.

When : October 20-27, 2007.

Training: Each Team Member will attend two training sessions prior to departure. The first session will cover trip logistics, group living, food, and overall codes of expectations and conduct while on the Missions Service Trip. The second session will focus on Navajo customs and culture.

What if you can’t go, but want to help? We need supplies for this endeavor, including paint brushes, rollers, extension poles, work gloves, and drop cloths. The complete list is at the Info Kiosk. Check out that list there or email missions@jesusmcc.org. Items are due by October 7.

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