Our First Missions Trip — Going to the Navajo Nation

October 24th, 2007 • Category: Helping Those in Need, Church News

October 23, 2007
Day Four

Our team has limited internet access, but they are trying to see what they can do to send updates.

One of the team members, in a brief phone call, indicated that today went very well at the two homes where they are working, and three people will start helping with the disabled tomorrow.

The Missions Team

The Missions Team on location — day one.


October 22, 2007
Day Three — Holy Rollers

Working with four Navajo men, we tackled the two homes we are assigned. More details to come.

October 21, 2007
Day Two - God Is Good

Today, the group was introduced to our two primary sponsors from the Southwest Indian Foundation. We were repeatedly blessed by these gracious hosts who regaled us with local and cultural information. We were taken to the two homes we will help winterize and repair, and were able to meet the elders who live there. Despite our internal anxieties, we were told that unlike other church groups they have experienced, we were not uptight and that she immediately felt our positive energy and spirit. Coming from a Native Navajo highly attuned to the world of spirits, this is a high compliment indeed and evidence of divine intervention working through us.

Poverty is widespread on the reservation, with the remains of long ago useful items littering the landscape along deeply rutted dirt roads. The Navajo language
is spoken with ease, yet foreign to our ears.

The sun majestically rose in the east, the sky is blue, the wind is strong, the air is crisp, snow flurries have danced about, the stars shine bright in the night sky, and the setting sun cast colorful shadows across the arid plains. We are humbled and awed by both the similarities and contrast of our surroundings.

October 20, 2007
Day One - God Has a Sense Of Humor

The traditional home of a Navajo is called a Hogan. It is an eight sided dwelling, with the door always facing east in order to greet the sun as it rises. Upon seeing many of these dwellings scattered among the sandstone, and realizing that we are helping to winterize one such Hogan, we give ourselves the moniker of ‘Hogan’s Hero’s”. Despite this humorous spin, we humbly prepare for servitude and pray that we are guided to impact those who we meet here along the way.

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