Relationships 101 Workshop offered January 19

December 21st, 2007 • Category: Classes and Workshops

It’s pretty amazing, really, that any of us are able to sustain relationships. Yet we do. Some of us enjoy long, meaningful, rich relationships full of love and life. Others of us live in cocoons where we protect our love from what we perceive as harmful forces such as employers, churches, neighbors, families, and our friends. No one knows our love exists. Yet it does. More of us, however, weave our way in and out of relationships seeking answers and understanding. Searching. Floundering. Fearing. Exploring. Enjoying. Wondering… Am I meant to settle down, to commit forever? Is it possible to create life-long relationships? Is there anyone sane out there to date? If so, where are they?

Join Michele O’Mara, LCSW, on January 19 from 12:30 pm to 4:30 pm here at the church to learn some of the following important lessons about love and relationships:

  • Understand love and attraction and the impact of body chemistry on love,
  • Identify the natural and healthy stages of relationship development,
  • Know your personal relationship vision and how to attract and keep the partner you desire, and
  • Develop basic how-to steps for your personal relationship success.

Cost is $30 per person, and partial scholarships are available. To register, go to Michele O’Mara’s website and register for Relationship Workshop 101.

If you need a scholarship, please see Melody Merida, or contact her at or (317) 722-0000.

This workshop is required for those who are planning weddings or Holy Unions at Jesus MCC in 2008!

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