Building Strong Families

January 12th, 2008 • Category: Children

Being a parent can be the most thrilling, heart wrenching, and rewarding experience you’ll ever have. But the truth is, parenthood is the easy part — all you need to do is to have a child. Parenting calls for real soul searching and a willingness to ask difficult questions. Parenting demands a clear understanding of what we’re doing and why. It’s not for the faint of heart!

Beginning Wednesday, January 30 at 6:00 pm, and continuing on February 6 and 13, we will kick off our Family Oasis program with a three-week exploration of parenting to understand the ways your family history shaped you and how that history affects you as a parent. We will develop a perspective on parenting that allows us as parents to make intentional choices about the kind of family life we want to have. Those who hope to become parents are also welcome.

Family Oasis

And there’s something for the kids too! We will offer nursery care for the younger children, and fun and exciting children’s group activities for children between kindergarten and 5th grade. We will have dinner together as a group and then disperse into our smaller groups. Dinner will be free.

Register today for your family’s spot in this exciting new program, and take a positive step toward building a strong family. To register, fill out the form in Sunday’s bulletin, or email Melody Merida or call her at (317) 722-0000.

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