Would Jesus Discriminate? — Round 2 Recap

June 4th, 2007 • Category: Justice

The second round of our Would Jesus Discriminate? campaign ended on May 19.

The goal of Round 2 was to increase awareness of passages in the Bible that affirm GLBT people. During the 30 days of Round 2, we had 22 billboards across Indianapolis highlighting affirming passages. More than 320,000 vehicles passed by these billboards each day! We also placed 1,400 yard signs, wore t-shirts, and displayed bumper stickers! Each sign, shirt, and sticker pointed to our web site—www.WouldJesusDiscriminate.com.

Round 2 was a huge success, stimulating enormous awareness and lots of conversations. Highlights include:

  • A front-page story in the Indianapolis Star that reached several hundred thousand readers.
  • TV news stories on Channels 6 (ABC), 13 (NBC), and 59 (FOX).
  • Two radio interviews of Pastor Jeff on AM 1310, an Indianapolis Christian radio station, an interview on Indianapolis public radio, WFYI, and interviews with WIBC NewsRadio and Family News in Focus, a James Dobson production.
  • A detailed Associated Press story that ran in newspapers like the Chicago Tribune, the Louisville Courier Journal, the Ft. Wayne Journal Gazette, and the South Bend Tribune.
  • A panel discussion and debate at Wabash College, which will soon be available for viewing on WouldJesusDiscriminate.com.
  • The cover story for the Chicago Free Press — Chicago’s gay newspaper — proclaiming that gays were finding good news in the Bible via our campaign.
  • Coverage on dozens of blogs.
  • Heavy traffic to our web site, with over 37,000 visitors.

As a result of all this, it is likely that more than a million people have heard about affirming Bible passages in the last 30 days through the incredible efforts of the congregation of Jesus MCC! Way to go church! Central Indiana is being changed by the power of your witness. Round 3 will begin mid-June. Please keep lifting prayers.

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