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Current Sermons

This page contains our most-recent sermons -- the last three months or so. For older sermons, see the Sermon Archive.

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MP3 audio file Finding Yourself August 20, 2006, Rev. Jeff Miner

This sermon looks at the fifth of Five Key Spiritual Habits: discovering and using our spiritual gifts.

According to scripture, God has supernaturally equipped you -- not someone else, but you -- to do something really important in God's work here on earth.

Take a look at who we are and why God has put us here.

MP3 audio file All Hell Done Broke Loose! August 13, 2006, Rev. Delores Berry

We're honored to welcome Indiana Black Pride and Rev. Delores Berry to Jesus MCC this Sunday! She will be preaching and singing in all three services.

Rev. Berry is an evangelist and vocalist who has been ministering in the MCC for many years.  But she's not just a preacher -- she's also an icon and hero in the GLBT civil rights movement.  More details

MP3 audio file Life Comes At You Fast August 6, 2006, Rev. Jeff Miner


MP3 audio file Last Comic Standing July 30, 2006, Rev. Tammy Mills

If you're like most of us, you probably have a stash of unfinished projects. Maybe it's a drawer, or a closet, or even a garage full!

What about spiritual "projects"? Have any of those that are unfinished? What area of growth has God called you to, that you just haven't gotten around to finishing?

In this sermon, we'll learn from the example of Nehemiah, who resolved to accomplish the task that had been given to him.

MP3 audio file Who's the Boss? July 23, 2006, Rev. Jeff Miner

Do you control your money, or does it control you?

Next to God, money is perhaps the most powerful thing in the world.  It's like radiation. Used properly, radiation can be used to heal someone of cancer.  Used improperly, radiation can give someone cancer.

So what we do with our money is  a central issue for our spiritual journeys. This sermon leads us to take a thoughtful look at our money.

MP3 audio file Born Into Great Wealth July 16, 2006, Rev. Jeff Miner

This week we'll look at what Jesus had to say about those who are wealthy -- and if you're reading this, that most likely includes you.

Jesus had a lot to say about the wealthy and their wealth. It's deep, sobering, and ultimately liberating.

MP3 audio file Mixed Motives July 9, 2006, Rev. Jeff Miner

From time to time, don't you find yourself getting so frustrated at somebody, you just want to call down fire from heaven to consume them?

It's kind of a fun fantasy, isn't it?  Picture it -- your our boss crosses you one too many times and you say, "Sorry, this time you've gone too far."  And suddenly lightning strikes from Heaven, and all that's left of your boss is a smoking pair of shoes.

Or maybe it's a family member who has treated you wrong; or a friend who's double crossed you; or someone at church who is just a raving hypocrite; or maybe its your ex who did you wrong.

This sermon considers a response that gives life, rather than takes it.

MP3 audio file Extravagant Living July 2, 2006, Rev. Jeff Miner

Ever seen "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous"? Or MTV's "Cribs"?  Have you wondered or dreamed what it would be like to live that way?

This sermon is about extravagant living -- but not in the sense you might think. We'll look at a way of living extravagantly that is, perhaps, even more deeply satisfying. 

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