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When Jesus met a gay man -- read about it in
The Children Are Free: Reexamining the Biblical Evidence on Same-sex Relationships

Book Description
"Can two people of the same sex live in committed, loving relationship with the blessing of God?" That's the question The Children Are Free brings to Scripture. This book is a comprehensive yet easy-to-read examination of the biblical evidence regarding loving same-sex relationships and God's attitude toward them.

In Chapter One, the authors lead the reader through a discussion of each of the six passages traditionally used against gay, lesbian, and bisexual people. In their friendly and authoritative style, they demonstrate how an anti-gay interpretation is a misapplication of these scriptures.

Then, in Chapter Two, Miner and Connoley turn our attention to the biblical stories and passages that affirm loving same-sex relationships. Did you know Jesus once met a gay person? Jesus' loving response is just one of the well-researched stories presented in this chapter.

Chapter Three asks readers to take seriously the call of Jesus to think more deeply about biblical rules. And Chapter Four calls Christians to action, making a connection between the conflicts in the early Church and those occurring within the Church today.

This book belongs in the library of any Christian questioning the role of Scripture in the lives of gay, lesbian, and bisexual people, or the role of GLB people in the Church.

Authors: Rev. Jeff Miner and John Tyler Connoley
ISBN: 0-9719296-0-2
Publisher/publish date: Jesus Metropolitan Community Church, 2002.
Format:  Paperback, perfect bound, 112 pages.
Price: US$12.95

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What others are saying about The Children Are Free

     "This brand new book is one of the best yet for Christians who are struggling to find a pro-gay understanding of Scripture.
     Short, clear, and amazingly easy to read, this book does much more than offering loopholes or excuses with regards to the Bible. Instead, the authors combine careful research with . . . humor, personal stories, and numerous Biblical examples to make their case.
     A must-read for anyone wanting to understand the Bible better!"

from www.gaychristian.net

     "Many books have argued that the Bible does not condemn same-sex relationships. In the vast majority of cases, however, the arguments sound like loopholes and excuses, not a sincere reading of Holy Scripture. (Sadly, this includes even the ever-popular [title].)

     This book is remarkably different! The authors don't make excuses or water down the text; instead, they take the Bible seriously and treat it respectfully, allowing the Bible itself to provide the best evidence for their case. Meanwhile, this book is so short, simple, and easy to read that anyone can benefit from it.

     The Children Are Free is chock full of anecdotes and examples, making it a delight to read, even for people who don't normally read about the Bible. Those of us more familiar with the subject will appreciate the clarity of the authors' argument.

     Other, similar books made me think, "Yeah, I guess I can see that," but this one left me wondering, "How could you come to any other conclusion?"

-- A reader from Raleigh, NC USA, review from Amazon.com

     "I am pleased to be able to recommend The Children are Free to MCC pastoral leaders.  This is a complete, affirming, easy-to-read book which is grounded in Scripture and contains the latest scholarship. This book will be an excellent resource for all MCC Churches.

     The accompanying Study Guide makes this book an excellent choice for study group programs on the Bible and homosexuality."

Rev. Elder Nancy Wilson, Pastor, Church of the Trinity MCC

     "The children are free . . . now I can personalise it and say: "I am free".

     I took a day off from work to devote special attention to reading the book and I finished it in one day's time . . . 'tis so clear, liberating and Holy Ghost inspired.  Now I'm free, thank Jesus Christ, yes, free at last."

a reader from South Africa

     ". . . I read The Children Are Free over the last two days and was overjoyed by what I found.  This is the first book that I have come across that lays it all out in a succinct fashion that neither leaves out important information, nor makes vague statements of conjecture . . .
     I am sending . . . a copy of this book to my pastor.  I belong to a non-affirming church . . .  Your book will be a good resource for our discussions."

a reader from Washington, D.C.

     "If you're confused by all the misinformation about homosexuality and the Bible, read The Children Are Free. The authors have created a wonderful, timely, easy to read summary of the evidence that will inform and inspire your search. Let the Spirit of Truth set you free."

Rev. Dr. Mel White, co-founder of Soulforce, author of Stranger at the Gate


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