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A collection of sermons on key topics in RealAudio or MP3 format.

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    Some of our most-requested sermons on key topics: getting to know God, and topics relevant to GLBT people.

Knowing God

  I'm Gonna Live Forever! February 11, 2001
Stripping away the centuries of encrusted theology and jargon -- what did Jesus say about salvation?

  Systematic Theology by Emmy the Cat, June 4, 2000
When you ask God "Why?", and there seems to be no answer.

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Gay & Christian

  Homosexuality and the Bible
These four sermons can change the way you think about homosexuality and the Bible. Rev. Miner explains how Bible passages used against GLBT people have been misapplied, highlights gay-positive Bible passages often ignored by the Church, and discusses what it means to be gay or lesbian and authentically Christian.

  A "Gay Church"?, April 20, 1999
Can God really work through a congregation of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered people?  Absolutely! Listen to this sermon to see how God is using this church to make disciples, be a prophetic advocate for justice for oppressed people, and to reach out to those in greatest distress.

  What Was the Sin of Sodom?, June 11, 2000
You will never see the Sodom story the same again after hearing this sermon. As GLBT people, the Sodom story should be one of our favorites.  Listen to see why.

  Recovering from Spiritual Abuse, June 18, 2000
Don't be a victim of your past!  Learn to confront and recover from spiritual violence. 

  Coming Out Can Grow Your Soul, June 25, 2000
Explore the intimate connection between coming out and spiritual growth.

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This series of sermons begins with some key questions to consider when embarking on a new relationship, or for improving the relationship you have. 

      Making Love, July 14, 2002
    Beginning with a key question: Am I ready for relationship?

      Til Death Do Us Part? , July 21 2002
    What is the nature of committment? Focusing on the biblical concept of hesed, or covenant loyalty.

      I Can't Get No Satisfaction, August 11, 2002
    What are realistic expectations for a spouse?

      You Don't Bring Me Flowers, August 18, 2002
    Learning to communicate your love in a way your partner can understand.

      Mad About You, August 25, 2002
    Answering the number-one concern from a survey of the congregation -- how to manage anger and conflict.

      Are You Lonesome Tonight?, September 1, 2002
    Strategies for singles.

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  Little Girl, Arise!, June 14, 1998
What does the Bible have to say about Transgenderism?  This sermon maintains that a person's soul is of primary importance to God, and bringing the body into harmony with the soul is pleasing to God.

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  Prince of Egypt, September 12, 1999
A sermon by Rev. Jeff Miner, relating the life of the prophet Moses to our lives as GLBT people in three key ways:  1.  Understanding who we are; 2. Answering the call to be part of the struggle for justice; 3. Knowing the course to take in that struggle.

  My Good Friend, Jerry Falwell, October 31, 1999
A sermon by Rev. Jeff Miner, reporting on the events of the Lynchburg weekend, and explaining the principles of Soulforce.

The Sky Is Falling! Rev. Jeff Miner, November 7, 2004
Suffering from election depression? Shell-shocked that 11 out of 11 states adopted anti-gay constitutional amendments?  Maybe even kind of afraid?
     This sermon looks at how people of faith from the past have responded to political threats. Listen for a message of hope.

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Inclusive Language

  Is God a Man? May 9, 1999
Not according to the Bible!  Exploring the full range of biblical expressions for the character of God.

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