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The Intimacy Dance : A Guide to Long-Term Success in Gay and Lesbian Relationships by Betty Berzon

The author of the now-classic Permanent Partners presents a helpful, compassionate, and wise guide for lesbian and gay couples as their relationships mature. Weaving in the story of her own 22-year relationship, Dr. Berzon addresses such issues as concerns about identities merging, sex waning, and inability to solve conflicts, as well as communication failures, and competing career demands. Synopsis from Amazon.com

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Permanent Partners : Building Gay and Lesbian Relationships That Last  by Betty Berzon

Dr. Berzon shares of her experiences both as a professional relationship counselor and as a lesbian, using fact-based scenarios to explore the common struggles, challenges, and temptations gays and lesbians must overcome when forging committed relationships. Topics include such basics as communication skills and conflict resolution, and issues unique to gay and lesbian relationships -- from "The Gay National Anthem: 'Why Don't We Just Break Up?'" to legal issues surrounding wills, mortgages, and adoption. As you read, be prepared to see yourself and your relationship in Berzon's stories. You'll finish this book with a renewed desire -- and practical, effective know-how -- to commit yourself to making your love last.  Review from Amazon.com

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Love Between Men : Enhancing Intimacy and Keeping Your Relationship Alive  by Rik Isensee

Trust, communication, and empathy all play a part in the success of a long-term partnership. Yet few of us are proficient at these skills.  And gay men often face obstacles in their quest for intimacy that others don't: discrimination, unrealistic media portrayals, few positive role models, and a lack of a familial support network.

In Love Between Men, author and licensed clinical social worker Rik Isensee cuts through these challenges and demonstrates ways to solve the everyday conflicts that arise in our relationships.  Most important, he shows us how we can better communicate with our partners to satisfy each other's emotional and sexual needs.  from the cover

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Rainbow Family Values: Relationship Skills for Lesbian and Gay Couples by Michael S. Piazza

The book explores why many of the problems of gay relationships suffer are because there are no good models for gays to base their relationships upon. Consequently, heterosexual models are emulated, which often don't work in gay and lesbian relationships. Michael Piazza, with humor and personal anecdotes, walks the reader through why gay and lesbian relationships are different from their heterosexual parallels, and offers witty insight into developing exciting and stable relationships. Wisely shows that the strength of family values is in celebrating and actively nurturing the diversity of ALL families.

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When Love Lasts Forever: Male Couples Celebrate Commitment edited by Merle James Yost

From the editor:
Yes, gay men really do couple and stay together!
Some sixteen years ago, before I met my partner, I was fortunate enough to have a long-term male couple as friends. Being around them gave me a close up opportunity to observe a successful male couple. When Reber (my partner) and I met and began our relationship, they mentored us and helped us through the early years. I believe that their support was crucial in our success.

The number of years together for each couple ranges from 10-45. Each couple is very different and the book has a range of ethnicities, education, occupations and income levels. What they share most of all is love and commitment. Come journey with them.

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