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How To Choose An Engine Hoist

As we all know, car repair requires several unique tools to get the job done. Additionally, if certain areas in your engine compartment need fixing, you have no choice but to separate the engine from the vehicle. The car engine is very bulky and can only be lifted out using an engine hoist. This tool has been specially designed to lift out heavy objects from engine blocks. Some of the hoist types available in the market are:



This is the only hoist, which can be placed on the floor without any additional installation required. Its flexibility is probably what makes it very popular among mechanics when compared to the electric or chain hoists. At the bottom, it is supported by two, four or six casters, which roll across the floor. In addition to that, at its bottom is a steel grab hook where chains are attached with their loads on the other end. At the top is a telescopic boom with four extending parts. The hydraulic jack achieves the lift. Most of the hydraulic hoists are foldable, making them convenient for storage.

Manual Chain

This is the simplest form of hoist that can successfully carry out an engine lift. Within the manual chain, the hoist is a gear mechanism, which multiplies the force applied anytime the operator lifts the load attached. The best attribute of the manual chain is its price. In fact, you can get a hoist of this type that can lift a ton yet its costs less than 100 dollars. If we compare it to an electric hoist that lifts that similar weight, it costs ten times more. Besides, the manual chain hoist occupies the least amount of space of all hoists available in the market.


Operating the hoist is quite simple. All that is required of its operator is a downward pull on its hand chain so that it lifts up the load. As long as you have a suitable place where it can be installed above ground, you are ready to go. It is very popular as it easy to repair when damaged. Unfortunately, it lifts loads at a slow pace when compared to the other two models.

The Electric Hoist

This electric hoist operates quite similarly to the manual chain. The primary distinction between the two is that it is remote controlled, unlike the manual that requires the operator to pull down the hand chain manually. What sets the electric hoist ahead of its rivals is the ease of operation. Unlike the other models that require the operator to use physical effort to lift the load, this model works with the simple press of a button. The electric motor functions much faster than the manual or hydraulic chain hoists.…